All Flutes on Sale 33% to 50% Off All Flutes


All the flutes on this site will be marked down 30% to 50% of original prices.

I am moving from my home to a new location.  I need to trim down my inventory to avoid transporting the flutes to my new home.  I will not be providing numerous photographs of each flute for this sale.  If you want more photos, please contact me and I will send additional photographs.  I will also send sound clips of each flute if you are interested.  Due to the lowered prices, I will not be able to offer free shipping for this sale.  Please feel free to make offers for any flutes you might be interested in.  Again, due to the lowered prices, I will not have much negotiation room.  Thanks for visiting Three Leaf Flutes\

Stephen G. Meier

Flute Information and Prices


Starting with the Brown Tiger Maple Flute:  Tiger Maple body Ebony totem in the key of Fm4 List Price $300 Sale price $200;  Yellow Orange Tiger Maple Ebony Totem Key of F#4 List Price $300 Sale price $200;  Pecan with Walnut totem key of Dm4 List Price $130 Sale Price $65; Alder Anasazi Hand Painted Key of G#3 List Price $175 Sale Price $88; [2 photos] Eastern Red Cedar Anasazi Key of G#3 Turquoise Inlays List Price $125 Sale Price $63; Redwood Anasazi Key of A3 List Price $90 Sale Price $45;  Obeeche With Purple Heart Splitting Edge Mojave 5 Hole Key of Bb3 List Price $125 Sale Price $63;  Poplar with Poplar Totem Key of Bbm3 List Price $150 Sale Price $75; Alder With Alder Totem Key of Bm3 List Price $75 Sale Price $37 This flute is inexpensive because the top hole will over blow very easily.  Lite air it will work fine but tonging technique on that hole will cause over blow;  Eastern Red Cedar with Walnut Key of Em4 List Price $120 Sale Price $60; Black Walnut with Black Walnut Totem Key of Dm4 List Price $130 Sale Price $65; Maple Whistle Style with Zebra Totem Key of Bm3 List Price $120 Sale Price $60.  Because of the shallow flue depth watering out might be a problem if played for more that one song.  If you are as confused as I  am with these prices and flute matches please give me a call or email me.  Thanks 

Update:  All bold type flutes are sold.