About My Journey


I became interested in the Native American Flute at a sweat I attended over 15 years ago.  My flute making began with the aid of Marvin and Jonette Yazzie of Yazzie Flutes and has continued to this day.  Bill Huges, Russell Wolfe, Lew Paxton Price and many other flute makers have been my teachers.  I am of German and Scottish decendant and do not claim to have any Native American genetics in my ancestry.  My flutes are Native American Style Flutes.


Much of my flute making ideas come from trial and error experimentation and other makers.   I have done countless experiments and my flutes are always changing.  Much of what I have learned has come from the needs of flute players and their techniques and styles of performing.  I make modern style and rim blown style flutes as well as several different tunings.


My greatest joy in flute making comes from testing methods of flute structure that help the flute player find the flute design that helps them reach their greatest potential and enjoyment that comes from playing the Native American Style flutes.